WELCOME...for VEGETARIAN COOKING,FENGSHUI SYMBOLS, TARROT READINGS,and BEAUTY TIPS/TREATMENTS for LADIES,and much more ...@ SHRI SOUNDHARYAAS BEAUTYWORLD BOUTIQUE.. Fengshui..is an ancient science and chinese art of space arrangement and assigning the objects inan human environment so as it wont disturb the natural energy flow. People in spite of language ,caste and creed use a large number of symbols in their homes which enhance goodluck,health,wealth ,success,children,marital problems and good relations etc which are implemented and has made life quite effective..It is the art of symbolizing displaying pictures and articles which are considered as conveyors of the hidden meanings by displaying according to the needs..which you enjoy them only after using the positive purpose fengshui symbols in the homes/offices and yield good results. Moreover the usage of symbols have an impact on peoples subconscious mind hence is simply implied/ applied for betterment of living. All the remedies/cures in the form of symbols,are energised and programmed to the specific purpose,and suggested according to their problems.. Tarrot reading..not only predicts you but also can give you the answers to all of your problems.It communicates fortune telling through its differant spreads and tells through its differant visual images on their cards. Beauty..is a beautiful word,which reminds us Miss world,Miss Universe etc.Following the tips related to beauty,health and home,and reading the beauty topics makes us enhance ourselves to stay in touch and keep fit,with the present beauty world. Cooking..The necessity to every being to learn cook and eat varieties of recipes/dishes inorder to live is a Must.Cooking vegetarian delicacies is my hobby,here i have given all of my cooked recipes which I experimented and cook in my kitchen..Please have a look and if you like it just place a comment which energise me,making me enthusiastic to cook more...Thanq Friends. Symbols+Place location+Hardwork+Belief=100% Success....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012



Wealth ship...,is a wealth symbol,which enhances the prosperity and wealth luck when it is placed in a direction,as if the wealth ship is sailing into your home/office.
  • Returning to home from its triumphant from its various conquests,it lodges in to your harbour/ home bearing gold and valuables as Success Trophies from its various victories.
  • Place in the north east or southwest sector of you home office.
  • Place the golden wealth ship sailing into your house/office entering from outside to boost income increasing the oppurtunities for business..
  • Place the Wealthship asif its sailing from outside in to the home and not to about to sail out through the door.
  • Use more than one ship to represent differant sources of income..  

Monday, 21 May 2012


Kitchen-we can call it as- My secret of energy is my kitchen.We will spend atleast 3 to 4 hours daily in the kitchen.We have to adjust and place  the appliances as per fengshui.
•Keep the kitchen well ventillated.
 •The colours should be in yellow,earth colour.By using the colours related to earth the digestion will be perfect and healthy .The food cooked in such place gives a good health.
 •Do not store clutter in the kitchen room.News papers,empty tins which are not useful should be removed .
 •Donot display sharp edged  knifes, and scissors,place them in drawes.Store spatulas,griddles etc should be kept in a closed almirahs.
 •The positive energy of good luck-CHI should not be abrupted by any sharp edges donot keep sharp edged utensils or objects in open.
 •Do not place the stove very near or quite opposite to water tap or fridge.Coz the friction in between the hot and cool energys between fire and water,will lessen the positive good energy,there by the effects will be reflected on the person who is cooking there ,and also on the food. So to lessen the effects place a small wood partition between water tap and stove, between fridge and stove.
 •The stove  should not be placed before a bathroom,or quite opposite to a bathroom, but if is placed like that...donot worry,there is a solution according to fengshui.See that the bathroom door will be closed automatically,arrange spring door.Place a small pot of atleast artificial flowering plant on the side of  bathroom door.
 •Stove should not be placed exactly opposite to main door,but if it is placed like that..the solution is arrange a convex mirror outside the main entrance.
 •Keep the stove away from window.
 •Use your stove as much as possible.The stove is the symbolic of wealth.Maintain  colours of  greenery related to appliances.The stove represents your ability to maximise your potential.The more often you cook the easier it will be to take advantage of oppurtunities for health and wealth.
 •Keep fresh food out for people to enjoy.Abowl of fresh fruits can be kept .

Like wise we can transform our kitchens in to a fengshui kitchens.



As everybody knows,a dining room is a room,where all family members dine together,though how busy they are.
•Place a glass bowl of fruits, and prepared food on the dining table.
 •According to fengshui,place a big mirror on the wall in the opposite of dining table,which reflects fruits ,and  cooked food which were kept on the dining table .By this the food qtys kept on the table are doubled,which represents the financial stability of the house.
 •When the dining table is to be placed in a drawing room  in your house,then there is no problem,place  a partition between dining table and the main door.Or else you can place artificial plants or trees in between.
 •Dull and pale colours in the dining room makes a person dull,as such colours reduces the food intake.
 •Where as brighter shades when used makes the room quite attractive,there by creating an urge in you to spend some of  your quality of the time to spend there, feel hungry and want to eat.
 •And pictures and posters relating to food and fruits are to be fixed on the walls in the dining room,and avoid war scenes or wild animal pictures.
 •Regarding the chairs of the dining table,they should be spacious and big ,so that you can sit spaciously with hands resting on the dining table.
 •The dining table should be oval or round,avoid sharp edges.
 •Avoid junk food,and prepare tastily in the home.
 •Avoid pizzas and burgers.
 •Have fresh fruits and raw foods.
 •Place a mirror on the wall,so that the food kept on the dining table will be reflected in the mirror,which represents health and wealth.
 •Make it a habbit to dine together the family members atleast once in a day,which develops the unity in big and combined families.
 •Keep the fridge full with food.
 •Dimn lights are preferred.
 •Remove clocks and calemdes and have a pleasant meal.
 •Switch off the cells in a dining room
 •Soft music preferably instrumental can be played in a low voice.
 •Last but not the least,saying a prayer brings good energy in the room.
 •So take a minute time before beginning the meal for giving thanks to the abundance given by the god.

•The dining room should not be placed under a bathroom (in the first floor)
 •Remove clutter and waste.



Wealth Ingots-Round Symbol
is a good auspicious symbol and a very good show piece too in the living room.
  • When a single Ingot brings wealth and fortune into the home,then so many ingots when placed on a mount how prosperous it would be,it is a good symbol related to wealth.
  • Place near all the other wealth symbols like Laughing Buddha on a table.
  • It is a good purchase and as well as a gift for occassions like marriages and gruhapraveshams/House warmings.




Lakshmi Gavvalu /Sea shells which are in yellowish white colourbis considered as Lakshmi Gavvalu,which represent Sri Maha Lakshmi Maatha.
  • Lakshmi Gavvalu are available in Ocean/sea.
  • In hinduism,it is believed that Gavva as Sri Lakshmi Maathas sister,as they too come from oceans,the place from which Sri Lakshmi Maatha emerged while Ksheerasaagara Madhana is performed, along with Amrutham(Nectar),Kamadhenu(wish granting cow),and Kalpa vruksham(wish granting tree) etc.
  • Place Lakshmi Gavvalu / sea shells in the Altar/Puja mandir along with Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi and Lord SrimanNarayana,and pray daily to have wealth and fortune in abundance and prosper..



Wou-lu accompanied with ingots is a good symbol of fengshui.
Place in the living room or child room,it is a good hanging for health and wealth.Display on the wall in the east sector,or your personal health place in the room/office.Its not only for personal but a good gift too. 



GOMATHI CHAKRAS...,Gomathi chakra is a natural form of shell stone is found  found in Gomathi river ,near Dwaraka,Gujarath ,India..
  • Gomathi chakra resembles the Sudarshan chakra of Lord Maha Vishnu,Lord Sri Krishna,and is also used as Yanthra and worshipped.
  • It is said that people who have Gomathi Chakras are Blessed with both health ,wealth and good financial growth and as well as prosperity..
  • It is also believed that it protects the children in the home.
  • Some people burry gomathi chakras in the foundation of their building as it is believed to bless the residants of the home with longlife and prosperity.
  • For Business:Some people hang them in a red cloth,in front of the house for peace and prosperity.
  • It has protective powers and it brings wealth health and good luck.
  • If you have financial problems take 3 no.s of Gomathi chakras ,and powder them with a stone/pestle and sprinkle the powder in front of you home.
  • Repeat it 3 to 4 times in a month,surely a change will be seen in the improvement of financial matters.
  • Keep 11 no.s of G.Chakras near by the God during Puja /prayer time.After the puja take them out and place themin your Cash box in your Locker.
  • It is good to worship them on Diwali evening ..it is said that Lakshmi Maatha will bless you round the year..
For recovering Debts:
  • To recover the debts which are given to a friend/relative,who is not repaying your money back,write the name of the debtor on a piece of square of yellow paper(write the name of the person who has to repay you back)and also the complete wish that u want your money back.
  • Then place 11 no.s of GomathiChakras and eight fold it and place in your southwest  of your home.
  • Or, keep 11gomathi chakras  one by one and repeat your wish to get repaid  your money back,and keep in a yellow cloth. Wrap it and keep in the puja rooms mandir this completes the wish very soon..
  • To reduce the waste expenses,place 11no.s of G.Cs wrapped in a red cloth and keep it in rice,it ensures prosperity in the kitchen..  



Fengshui Rooster brings good fortune and joyful events.
  • It is a strong,confidant and protective character.
  • It is the only creature that acts naturally like an alarm clock waking up the people by sunrise in the morning.
  • The brass rooster is made of the characteristics that are needed for fengshui potency..
  • As rooster because of its strong character of ability,it can cure many situations such as protecting its owner against business competitor for business,and to prevent 3rd party of love affairs and back stabbing of colleagues in work places or offices,and also at the times of arguements and having peers in politics.
  • Display in the northwest of your living room/office desk if you have problems in relations, like arguements,back stabbings among colleagues etc..



Crystals -can be used as Hangings in the living rooms..Crystals displaying is a beautiful way to energize you home,an easiest way to add wonderful energy to any area in the living room of you home..Place in the north or north west of you living room to energize the wealth area..in the south for love,and relations..
Agood purchase for individuals and as well as gifts..Crystals are also available in colours



Dragon-Phoenix hanging can be hanged in the southwest corner of living room,or even in the south west corner of the bedroom..Those who are singles and awaiting for marriage,can hang them in their bed room ..This symbol symbolises a fruitfull and blessed marriage with success and prosperity..



An auspicious symbol place in the east sector of the living room ..  

Crystals displaying is a beautiful way to energize you home,an easiest way to add wonderful energy to any area in the living room of you home..Place in the north or north west of you living room to energize the wealth area..in the south for love,and relations..
Agood purchase for individuals and as well as gifts..Crystals are also available in colours


Dragon-Phoenix hanging can be hanged in the southwest corner of living room,or even in the south west corner of the bedroom..Those who are singles and awaiting for marriage,can hang them in their bed room ..This symbol symbolises a fruitfull and blessed marriage with success and prosperity


Wind chimes hanging outside the home  is one of the best cure of fengshui..They are cures for negative energies,hence to be hang in outside of the house like  patios or balconys..Hang metal windchime  in the direction of west,north west..and wood windchime in the east,south east and south and crystal windchimes in south west,north east and centre of the homes..The soothing sounds of windchimes are the best cures in fengshui..and the tinkling sounds also liven up the environment

Saturday, 19 May 2012




Kubera is a Wealth God in Hinduism,who has immense wealth ,and is the actual Lord of Riches in the Indian Pantheon.
  • Worship this Kuber Kunji,on a regular basis,which brings tremendrous change in a persons prosperity and luck though,where efforts remain paramount..
  • This is an extremely and somehwat rare yanthra.
  • The person who has kuber kunji,will never lack of money and material comforts.
  • His house will always be abundant enough,and never has shortage of resources.
  • Kuber Kunji is kept in homes,in cash boxes and almirahs and in offices where financial transactions are made.
  • It helps increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth.
  • Place in the places where you keep money,like cash box and almirahs and office drawers etc.. 



Pink crystal Tree.., is an auspicious fengshui and a good luck symbol in the matter of relations,it is in light pink colour.
  • We use it for curing relations in love matters.
  • Singles who are ready for marriage,can place it in their room in S/W corner.
  •  As pink is the colour which represents Love ,this symbol can be placed in the south west corner of your bedroom being the corner for relations.
  • Or else it can also be placed in the south west of the living room..
  • It can also be placed in the homes of the couples too.
  • It is also a good gift to be given to friends who are still singles and about to marry.



WEALTH VASE..,is an attractive and auspicious fengshui wealth symbol which enhances wealth.
  • It has coins and wealth ingots on it,and it  can be placed in the place where you keep wealth and jewellery..
  • Place cash or jewellery under the wealth vase symbol.
  • It attracts wealth also can place in the universal wealth corner southeast of your bed room,or locker.
  • It can also be placed as a  decorative symbol in the living room or on your office desk,in your success direction, or a prominant place,a high place which is not lower than 3 to 4 feet from the ground.
  • It is not only a worthy fengshui object to purchase for self,but makes a good gift too for your well wishers..



Dragon- it is a small fengshui power  symbol to carry in your purses / handbags and take where ever you go outside..
  • It is considered as a symbol of protection.
  • No doubt you are having fengshui symbols power and protection symbols in your home or office and they are serving you..
  • But out of the home?
  • This Dragon...,a small power symbol acts in the manner as it is supposed to,when you carry this in your purse or handbag..
  • Take it with you in your handbag / purse where ever you go outside the home..
  • All the symbols are programmed and charged so that they will do the work which they are supposed to..

Friday, 18 May 2012


WEALTH BOWL..,also called as AKSHAYA PATHRA,represents wealth and fortune in abundance..
  • Akshaya means.. Abundance in Hinduism, and Pathra means Bowl .
  • Akshaya Pathra, means in exhaustible vessel in the Maha Bharatha..Akshaya Pathra,a vessel that would give unlimited food and fortune every day..
  • Akshaya Pathra,as the name indicates,this symbol has wealth coins and wealth ingots,engraved with auspicious designs,and precious stones like jade affixed on it..
  • Place it in a safe place,with jewellery or jewels or cash in it,it attracts and enhances wealth in abundance..


QUI-YONG..,Child of God..,is an auspicious fengshui symbol to be considered as Child Buddha.
  • This symbol is said to grant your wishes and attract wealth.
  • It is said that Child Buddha is riding in male form of Celestial Dragon to additionally bestow courage,motivation,strength,and protection..
  • It brings multi levels of good luck one after another to the owner,or to the house hold..
  • Place in the north west,or north.


QUAN-YIN..,is an extremely popular Goddess,a symbol of mercy and passion.
  • She helps and guides all beings in attaining better merits and karma in life.
  • Quan-yin is the goddess,which help you when you are in deep depression and going through difficulties in all areas of your life.
  • She will help you to overcome sickness,family problems,relationship progress,career and caonceiving problems,children problems and all forms of stress and other types of badluck.. Chant the powerful manthra ...
  • OM MANI PADME HUM ...as many times as possible in front of her image to overcome difficulties and have protection from her.
  • Place her in important areas of your living room to obtain blessings for the family including health and relations.
  • Display her image in praying alters ,prayer room to worship her.
  • Do not keep her in bed rooms /bathrooms and kitchen ,or at a lower level than 3 feet.She is highly valued in the Heaven.

QUAN-YIN  ON ELEPHANT..,is the protector of all children..Placing her in a room is said to help calm and environment of negative influences such as disappointments and arguements.
  • She is believed to bring in enduring mental peace and mature thinking.
  • Quan-Yin over Elephant is a good fengshui enhancer of mentalpeace ,knowledge,wisdom and strength..
  • Place her symbol in northwest or north,to enhance good and peaceful life..


    LUCKY CAT ..,is considered to bring good fortune,as well as wealth and prosperity in to the homes/business/offices.
    • In many Chinese/Thai restaurants we see Lucky Cat is displayed facing the entrance of the main door or near entrance waving hand,as if inviting the customers or clients in to the restaurant.
    • Similarly many people now a days irrespective of caste or creed they are placing Lucky Cat near or opposite to the entrance of their homes or business.Some place it in the office desk or next to cash register in business.
    • It is also called Maneki Neiko,or money cat with left paw raised,to attract clients/customers to business,restaurants,stores or offices.
    • The left paw is waving new patrons into your store or waving to your clients todo business with you.
    • She holds playcards with symbols of chinese,to increase business and a bell hangs from her neck,calling in extra good wealth energy.
    • Battery operated waving hand fengshui cats are said to attract more wealth Chi and good luck to home/business.   

    Thursday, 17 May 2012


     The Mandarine Ducks are the strongest love magnets,for lovers as they build togetherness,faithful ness and loyalty in their bond of relation.
    • The mandarine ducks signifys love,affection and partners faithfullness and loyalty.
    • It will help to find themselves a suitable and eligible loving life partner for those who are singles,and about to marry.
    • Display in the bedroom,or living room in the south west corner for relations.
    • This inturn will enhance your chances of finding your life partner ....

    Monday, 14 May 2012



    •In india atleast upto 75% vaasthu is followed,relating to bathrooms,but in other places zero% is followed regarding bathrooms.
     •So atleast we can minimise the effects by following fengshui in bathrooms.
     •According to fengshui----water is related to wealth.
     •So even tips related to bathroom is considered as effective and followed.
     •All taps and pipes are to be checked thoroughly----coz the water should not leak from them,and to be repaired if any leakages are there.
     •If water is wasted through leakages ,it is to be considered to be health and wealth upset.
     •The bathrooms and toilets in the cities due to lack of proper light and ventilation are dark-----Place a green colour zero candle bulb in bathrooms and let the bulb be switch on all the 24 hours.
     •Place the dust bin in the bathrooms in the corner----see that it has a lid on  it,and it should be closed always.
     •See that the toilet seat is not quite opposite to the bathroom door----But if it is there,place a crystal ball or hang a windchime near the bathroom door.
     •Bathroom should not be placed in north part of the house------but if it is there --keep the western toilet seat closed after usage,and hang a windchime ,place a crystal ball near the door.
     •The bathroom should not be opposite to the main entrance---but if it is there,place 2 flower plants on both the sides of the inside  entrance.Atleast plastic flower plants can be kept.
     •Weekly atleast wash the bathroom with salt water(in india).
     •If the bathroom door is quite opposite  to the bed----then see that the bathroom door will be closed with automatic door,or atleast hang with a silk curtain.Place a bowl with rock salt  in the bathroom window.Every week change the salt ,throw water  in the toilet ,and replace with new  salt.Salt  removes the negativity.
     •Place a room freshner especially lavender fragrance inside the bathroom.
     •Remove the clutter such as half broken mugs and buckets, used shampoo sachets,old tooth brushes and tooth paste tubes.

    By following such tips we can minimise the effects if any.

    •After taking headbath clean the shikakai or kunkudukaya leftovers,and empty shampoo sachets,which block the water in the bathrooms.
     •Place  the clothes which are to be washed in a box to avoid cockroaches,or wash them regularly but do not let them remain in bathrooms.
     •Use acid or bleaching powder for washing the tiles in the bathroom atleast once in a month,if the tiles are light in colour.Wash them regularly with soap water before bath.
     •Now a days we have attached bathrooms,so special care to be taken in using phenoil which give a good fragrance.
     •Keep the wash basins etc clean by washing them  with bleaching powder  ,and showers,pipes etc fittings should be cleaned by rubbing with a kerosene cloth.The kerosene smell will vanish within an hour.
     •Use salt and kerosene to the water you use in washing the bathrooms (in indian bathrooms).  


    Children with Buddha,is a wealth fengshui symbol,which can be placed in a living room of the home.
    • This is the only one symbol of Buddha which can also be kept in the bed room in  a home.
    • The people who are childless and longing for children should definately place it in their homes..
    • It is also a ideal gift to be given or purchased by every body..
    • Even people with children can place this symbol in their homes for the well being of their own children.. 
    My email id: goodluckfengshuiarticles@yahoo.com



    Study tower ,called as Education tower ,is a fengshui symbol.. a good symbol for studies,to be displayed in the childs room or childs desk .
    • It is a symbol of calm and peace,which stabilizes the area to better concentration in studies.
    • It has protective properties as well as being able to bestow its owner ,with career or studying  luck.
    • Place in your childs room to increase his attention in studies,and to ward off exam fears.
    email id:  goodluckfengshuiarticles@yahoo.com


    The wish granting cow,also referred as Kamadhenu in hinduism,is an auspicious animal statue .
    • The cow fulfills a persons wishes,it is often found sitting on a bed of coins and ingots,is used to fulfill and get good luck,ensuring the future generations of  a person which will be prosperous.

    • In Hinduism,a holy cow is considered as a holy animal.
    • People in India,worship the cow,and it holds a special place in the houses and hearts of Indians.
    • Hinduism teaches us that the cow has the power to convert our wishes into reality if we treat it with kindness.
    • To enhance good fortune you can display it in your living room in a prominent place besides other fengshui wealth symbols or south east corner,and in the offices on your desk..



    Dragon tower,is a rare combination of dragon and tortoise and pagoda tower .
    • They produce a strong energy enhancing education luck and career luck.
    • It is a smooth blend of ambition and wisdom.
    • It is a ideal of merger of the qualities of both dragon and tortoise to instigate career luck and job development,defeating competition and reviving competition.
    • Display in living room or ,your childs study room in the north or north west corner..
    • An ideal purchase or gift for a person..

    Friday, 11 May 2012


    Laughing Buddha sitting position.,on a bed of coins and wealth ingots say that the person having this symbol,will have a happy and relaxed retired life,with cash flow enjoying the benefits and fortune,through
    out the remaining life ..
    Displace on a tabletop at a prominant place in your living room / business / office or your personal  wealth direction..
    • Display laughing buddha in the east side (family luck)for arguements and tensions at home,or display in a place where he can be seen by everyone sitting in the living room.
      • For those who want to achieve their goals place laughing buddha in their personal success direction.
      • To excell in career and also to prevent arguements with colleagues at office and business place figure of laughing buddha on your desk at office.
      • For students place laughing buddha on your study desk,to allow you to attain your academic aspirations.
      • Laughing buddha with money frog,will bring you sudden luck prosperities ,for this display in your wealth/success direction..
      • To know your lucky and unlucky directions consult me.
      • Never place laughing buddha in kitchen,or bathroom or on the floor as laughing buddha in fengshui is treated with respect..
      laughing buddha in the east side (family luck)for arguements and tensions at home,or display in a place where he can be seen by everyone sitting in the living room.
    • For those who want to achieve their goals place laughing buddha in their personal success direction.
    • To excell in career and also to prevent arguements with colleagues at office and business place figure of laughing buddha on your desk at office.
    • For students place laughing buddha on your study desk,to allow you to attain your academic aspirations.
    • Laughing buddha with money frog,will bring you sudden luck prosperities ,for this display in your wealth/success direction..
    • To know your lucky and unlucky directions consult me.
    • Never place laughing buddha in kitchen,or bathroom or on the floor as laughing buddha in fengshui is treated with respect..

    Thursday, 10 May 2012



    Elephant with a frog,and a coin in it mouth is considered as a wealth symbol in fengshui.
    As it is believed that frog with a coin brings wealth and prosperity into the home,and elephant brings good news in to the home,so definately elephant accompanied with a money frog is auspicious and wealth symbol to the persons who stay in the home..Display it in the entrance of the home/office ,the direction should be like it has entered the home from the door,its back facing the door..Anyone can purchase it or gift it to others.. 

    Wednesday, 9 May 2012



    •The bedroom is the place where a person will  relax, sleep  and take rest,there by refreshing themselves and get ready for nextdays work.

     •The bed should not be placed exactly opposite to the door,and the bed should not be placed  beneath the opening window,or should not be placed in a corner of the room.And electronics related articles should not be kept in the bedrooms.

     •According to fengshui sleeping beneath  the window  causes the feeling of  insecurity.So change the bed position.If a window is placed quite opposite  to the bed or the bed is beneath the window,and when there is nosource to change the bed then,place venishing blends .

     •If the bed is quite opposite to the door,   then place a partition or cover the door or window  with a curtain.  The last option is the best one.

     •The matresses on the bed should be one and large.But when  there are 2 single matresses ,then no problem cover the 2 matresses with a single large bedsheet.Pink colour bedsheets are advised in the bedrooms.Or else use pink shades more in the bedroom.

     •The room should be neat and clean,dont throw old magazines and newspapers under the beds.And donot store empty powder tins,old clothes ,unused pillows ,bedsheets and rugs.

     •The beds should be made with wood.But when  there are beds made with  iron,then donot bring electronic goods in to the bedroom.But when  there are electronic goods in bed rooms place them far from iron beds.

     •The electronic goods in bedrooms which release electro magnetic waves causes negative feelings.

     •Beds should be kept a little space away from walls .Never sleep placing  the head towards north.

     •The southwest room which is called Relations corner is to be used by the owners of the house as bedroom.Use curtains colours which are nearer to shades of earth,and also use light pink shades.Use natural and clear crystals if you find them in a fengshui stores.The whole family members will be happy by using them.

     •Use a chandeliar or crystal sphere coz it activates the good energy in the home which results good relations between the members in the home.

     •Place a couple of Mandrick ducks photo or love birds,or toys in bedrooms southwest corner.Never keep a single ducks photo.

     •Donot place big photoes or pictures or idols of  god  in the bedroom ,place a very  very small picture of god, in the direction of east or north or north east wall,to see it first as one awakes in the morning.

     •Do not decorate the bedrooms with indoor plants,coz fengshui wont allow this.

     •Place a water fountain which is an artificial in the southwest corner of the room,it removes the misunderstandings in the home.

     •Donot place pictures related to battles,wars warriors and destructions in the home.

    Likewise by following simple remedies of fengshui,a lot of troubles can be avoided.

    •Place a big smiling photo of the couple in the south west corner of the bedroom.

     •Use dimm lights in the southwest corner of the home.


    Tuesday, 8 May 2012



    By having a regular oily head bath both physical and mental health will be good.
    Tiredness will be relieved ,there by recharging    a new energy in the body.
    The body will get sound sleep,there by bidding  a good bye to sleep disturbance.
    Oil should be applied not only to the head,but apply to the body also.
    It decreases the phlegm in the body,and good blood circulation will be done.
    By applying oil and bath powder the skin will  get soft and shine.
    By having  oily headbath ,the hair will loose its dirt ,lice.
    Some will get rid of headaches ,burning problems in eyes,reduces the body temperature.
    The hair will become strong,and healthy.
    The body pores will be cleared from dirt and the sebacious glands can secrete the sweat secretion  freely.
    The digestive problems will be cleared and the person will remain active.
    Use luke warm water to wash the hair.

    Mix rose petals in bath water.
    Mix eaudecologne (a few drops)in a bucket of luke warm water.
    Mix orange and sweet lime peels (which are soaked in water) to the water you bathe.
    Last but not the least atleast mix a few mint leaves or corriander leaves to your bath water.

    In some homes in India,some people follow these atleast once in a fortnight ,and are attaining good hair and health even now.

    Monday, 7 May 2012


    Wou-lu..called as Calabash ,a special icon /symbol of longetivity,goodhealth and prosperity for many years.Wou-lu (bottle gourd)originates from a fruit,it is one of the powerful symbol of health and longetivity,which can bring blessings to the home. The shape of wou-lu is a representation of heaven and earth united together.Wou-lu has the ability to absorb bad chi. When dried it is very durable and its shape is used as a receptable for health and medicine.It is one of the most significant symbols to cure many bad situations in fengshui.To activate a wou-lu for fengshui purposes tie a red thread or a red ribbon around its body/valley.

    • Display as many as you can afford in your home to create good energy.
    • Display two woulus on both sides of the bed,near sick people,to quicken good recovery.
    • Display in bedroom to prevent health problems.
    • Display in kitchen to activate health luck of the family.
    • Place in the east sector of the family to ensure entire familys health luck.
    • Place on your worktable to prevent bad chi.
    • Hang 2 small(mini)wou-lus in your car -bikes to prevent accidants and ensure safe travel.
    • Place a wou-lu at where you spend most of your time in your home.  

    Sunday, 6 May 2012


    Dragon headed turtle..which is referred as DHT with baby turtle,is a symbol of goodluck,longetivity,protection,harmony and wealth in fengshui.DHT with a baby turtle on its back,on a bed of coins and ingots represents new business venture with prospects.The symbolic meaning of the dragon is luck,and tortoise is for long life,and baby tortoise brings excellent descendants luck and coins and ingots bed represents money ,wealth luck.Placement of dragon headed turtle is in north or east sector in the living room.Display in your homes and offices to attain wealth luck and longetivity.


    Mongoose..is a symbol related to fengshui wealth symbols category,is widely used to enhance wealth luck.
    It belongs to the species related to the family of rats.
    The symbol of mongoose sitting on a bed of ingots and coins is said that it will overcome bad luck,and fetch more good luck.
    Place it in the north,the area of prosperity,  for excellant money luck..as mongoose is considered as the "Vahana"for Lord Kubera,the god of wealth..
    The sanskrit word "Vahana",which means vehicle ,is used for the animals and birds that serve as the "carriers of the Gods"in hinduism..
    And it is also said that mongoose will remove sarpa doshas if any,and also rahu,kethu doshas,in a person.
    Statues of rats are called "Harmony rats".
    People born in the year of the rat are smart enough,and they always seem to carry on and never give up.As mongoose belongs to the family of rats,they have similar qualities of rats..the rats are a good planners of the future they accumulate  food in their dens.The rats are always planning like in Tom and Jerry comics.
    And they are good planners and have sociable personality..
    Always place a mongoose statue in your north direction on a table..

    Saturday, 5 May 2012


    Laughing buddha sitting on the frog is a good symbol of wealth in fengshui..Display in the living room or study room facing you.Generally all the statues of laughing buddha will be placed near the entrance greeting ,inviting the people who are going to come inside the home.But never place this buddha sitting on a frog  facing the entrance of the home..as money frog is considered in getting or inviting money wealth for you like a magnet..Surely it is a master piece for those who are looking for income and money flow,and its a must for those who seek money luck, health and wealth.This one can also be purchased for one own and also a great gift to give by for occassions..


    •When the relations between your family members are not good,place a light cream colour flower vase filled with cream or yellow colour plastic flowers in the south west  (nairuthi mula)corner of the house. Atremendrous change in the relations of your family members will be seen.
     •Place a plant or tree of orange,or atleast a neem tree, in the south east corner (agneya mula)of the house.When the tree starts fruiting oranges and lime it will bring luck for your family.If you do not have the patience to wait until the tree grows up,place a plastic tree of oranges or lime tree full of lemons.
     •If you have grown up boys or girls in the home,and when their marriage is a problem to you, or when you are expecting decent alliances,place a brightly coloured  toy of lovebirds,in your childs room.The marriage problem will be solved.
     •The northwest corner of your house, i.e. vayavya mula ,this place belongs to the house owner.In this corner of your room,place a crystal bowl or white glass bowl,fully filled with copper coins along with rupee coins,in a place which cannot be seen by outsiders.The owner of the house will succeed in his work or say in his life.
     •Make it a habbit ,that all of your family members will dine together atleast once in a day.
     •In the south east corner(agneya mula) of your home,or in your living room,paste a sticker or a big photo  of green trees(filled with green trees with a big NO to hills and stones. Your family will improve a lot financially.But WATER  should not be  seen in this poster or sticker or photo.


    Ingot stand is considered as one of the wealth symbol,a good show piece when placed in the living room.. In the ancient times ingots are considered as wealth for chinese.So now this is one of the new varieties we get in the fengshui market.Place a group photo in this ingot,it is hollow in the middle and can be easily seperated in between,then after placing a small group photo in this,then join it.It is considered that all the family members who are in the photo will prosper with good money income and be happy.



    LAUGHING BUDDHA..STANDING POSITION... There are many number of varieties/postures  in laughing buddhas.Laughing buddha is a master piece for those seeking good fortune and wealth.This statue of laughing buddha standing with coins strings ,ru-yi and wou-lu is rendered for  instant cash flow,health and wealth.He is sure a mood lifter when looked at,no matter how serious and worried one may be..The laughing buddha can be used in many ways to best get his abundant rewards.
    LAUGHING BUDDHA SITTING ON A FROG:This is a master piece for those seeking good fortune and wealth.Laughing buddha holding a ru-yi in his left hand accompanied by a money frog is a MUST for those who seek wealth success.This is a good fortune laughing buddha,sitting on a pile of coins with a bonus money frog symbolwill no doubt attract wealth and money luck for you like a magnet..
    • Display laughing buddha in the east side (family luck)for arguements and tensions at home,or display in a place where he can be seen by everyone sitting in the living room.
    • For those who want to achieve their goals place laughing buddha in their personal success direction.
    • To excell in career and also to prevent arguements with colleagues at office and business place figure of laughing buddha on your desk at office.
    • For students place laughing buddha on your study desk,to allow you to attain your academic aspirations.
    • Laughing buddha with money frog,will bring you sudden luck prosperities ,for this display in your wealth/success direction..
    • To know your lucky and unlucky directions consult me.
    • Never place laughing buddha in kitchen,or bathroom or on the floor as laughing buddha in fengshui is treated with respect..