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Monday, 7 May 2012


Wou-lu..called as Calabash ,a special icon /symbol of longetivity,goodhealth and prosperity for many years.Wou-lu (bottle gourd)originates from a fruit,it is one of the powerful symbol of health and longetivity,which can bring blessings to the home. The shape of wou-lu is a representation of heaven and earth united together.Wou-lu has the ability to absorb bad chi. When dried it is very durable and its shape is used as a receptable for health and medicine.It is one of the most significant symbols to cure many bad situations in fengshui.To activate a wou-lu for fengshui purposes tie a red thread or a red ribbon around its body/valley.

  • Display as many as you can afford in your home to create good energy.
  • Display two woulus on both sides of the bed,near sick people,to quicken good recovery.
  • Display in bedroom to prevent health problems.
  • Display in kitchen to activate health luck of the family.
  • Place in the east sector of the family to ensure entire familys health luck.
  • Place on your worktable to prevent bad chi.
  • Hang 2 small(mini)wou-lus in your car -bikes to prevent accidants and ensure safe travel.
  • Place a wou-lu at where you spend most of your time in your home.  

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