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Saturday, 5 May 2012


Summer is a season bright and sunny to have fun and enjoy,and everybody plans for holiday camps.
  • Both the   elders   and children plan to relax and recreation  as  the day is longer and sunny.While enjoying the hot and lazy days in summer be careful that different beauty rules apply.Look as good as you feel.
  • The oils which are present in the body, turn the body and hair into greasy, secreting more oils especially in the time of summer.
  • If you spend outdoors most of your time and want your look be natural,try combing a little lemon juice through your hair.It will give you an attractive sun streaked look.
  • Deep condition your hair atleast once a week.
  • But additional care of hair and skin have to be taken in this time,as the  body gets exhausted and dehydrated very easily..
    Once it is dehydrated the sufferings are going to start.So its important to take a lot of care in this time.
  • Take atleast a minimum of  8  to 10 glasses of water, and more when you are outdoors, be hydrated.
  • Avoid going outside from morn 10 am to eve 4 pm.If at all its unavoidable to go outside then wear cool cottons and sun glasses.
  • Protect your skin by using a sunscreen cream/lotion, and also carry one with you .Wash the face frequently and apply every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Drink lots of water and also always carry water bottles with you to meet the defficiency of the water loss through sweating.
  • To remove the blocked durt from your skin pores,steam the face for 5 min for dry skin,and 10 mins for oily skin.
  • For sun tan apply water melon juice,cucumber juice mixed in equal ratios,should be applied to the face.
  • Apply aloe-vera for suntan,this will cool and soothe your skin and help you to heal faster.
  • A few drops of rose water if applied to the face, or mixed with water with which the face is washed,gives relief from sun heat.
  • Lessen your makeup to minimum.
  • A super number one beauty booster tip  is just relax,for this is the best time to do it.the best time to sit back and relax.
Hence make your time a precious one in enjoying summer vacation..

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